Update from the ODG Chair – July 2020

At the AGM in June 2020 we explained that the ODG would continue with a smaller group to September 2020 to complete the work on the following recommendations to the Board:

  1. Clubs strategy
  2. Digital strategy
  3. Specialist committee review
  4. Article changes

The hard work of the work stream on the restructure of the National Council will now sit under the National Council (NC) and report to them and the Board (as required) as they progress the consultation with Members.

Further, we have disbanded the subsidiary work stream due to complexity of the individual relationships with the various organisations and the Board has taken on that work as it has already initiated conversations in certain areas. This includes a strategy day held with BMC Access and Conservation Trust in June and the potential for similar events with Mountain Heritage Trust, Mountain Training Trust and Land Management Trust which will be based on a short paper from the ODG on areas of focus.

It was also noted that it has been agreed by the Board that the remaining ORG recommendations that are still relevant need to be implemented by the appropriate parties and that this should be monitored by the Board. Thereafter, the final stage of the ODG will begin in January 2021 where it will provide evidence to the membership on the return on investment of money, time and resources.

Work that has happened this month

  1. NC agreed to the clubs strategy that will now go to Board on the 15th July.
  2. Work by Roger Murray and David Brown on the review of specialist committees continues with a paper being developed for discussion by NC and Board and will be put out for consultation later in the year.
  3. The paper on the Future of the ODG was explained at the AGM supported by the NC and will be discussed as part of the next webinar in July 2020.
  4. The Members’ Council ToR has been to NC and Board for consultation and was discussed at a NC meeting on 16th June before the webinar with the wider membership taking place this month. A paper providing a summary of the proposed structure and aims of the Members’ Council is available on the ODG Website.
  5. The digital strategy is at present a flexible beast but some key principles will be agreed by September 2020

What next

  1. Release of the Members’ Council Terms of Reference on Monday 6th July
  2. Member Engagement Webinar on 23rd July will focus on Members Council ToR, voting procedures and the future of the ODG
  3. Advert for co-opted members to the Cymru Committee will be published
  4. A NC task and finish group will be set up to explore how we might adapt the Area ToR’s and what support may be applied to engage with members at an Area level.

If you have any comments or questions on any of the ideas or recommendations in the above paper, please let us know at odg@thebmc.co.uk. OR even better please attend the AGM.

Fiona Sanders, ODG Chair

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