Update from the ODG Chair – March 2020

As the pressure grows to get work completed for this year’s AGM, we are able to provide two key discussion documents and two updates this quarter. These will form a basis of discussion at the next National Council (28 March) and Board (1 April) meetings. These are:

  1. The suggested approach (Terms of Reference) to a Board committee to steer the BMC's activities, engagement and policy work in Wales, as well as concluding the review of options for future governance arrangements for the BMC in Wales;
  2. A Clubs strategy paper for discussion;
  3. A progress report on the 51 recommendations made by the Organisational Review Group;
  4. An update from the National Council reconstitution group on its progress on the Members’ Council Terms of Reference.

As you will be able to see from the progress report, if we can complete the work in amber by the 2020 AGM, we believe that the ODG as a sub-committee of the Board can be dissolved and an alternative method of reviewing continued deliverables against the recommendations established.

If you have any comments or questions on any of the ideas or recommendations in the above paper, please let us know at odg@thebmc.co.uk, before 26 March.

Fiona Sanders, ODG Chair

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