Update from the ODG Chair – May 2020

The impact of the national lockdown caused by COVID-19 on the BMC, its members and the entire outdoor community is significant and unprecedented. It is affecting all aspects of our lives and impacting on all of the activities we love, and will continue to do so for some considerable time.

Impact of COVID-19 on our work

Where the Organisational Development Group (ODG) has been impacted the most is by the changes to the 2020 AGM. It is anticipated no resolutions in response to the work of the ODG will be taken to the membership for approval meaning these will be deferred to the 2021 AGM. In particular the consultation to the wider membership on the National Council reconstitution, recruitment of Nationally Elected Councillors and the anticipated Article changes that would have been presented if we were Face to Face. An additional impact is the loss of face to face member engagement opportunities, namely area meetings and again, the 2020 AGM.

The ODG is working hard with staff and volunteers to continue to review, consult and provide further recommendations in response to the work by the Organisation Review Group (ORG). The use of digital technology as recommended in the Membership Engagement Report (2019) which is currently being developed further by the Digital Strategy sub-group, is being implemented at a much faster pace in response to the situation, the virtual AGM being an example of this.

Further, as Chair I am working to produce an approach on how best we proceed as some of the work that is in our previous progress report may now not be completed on the original timescale and therefore we need to review whether it is still sensible to dissolve the ODG at the June AGM.

Work that has progressed

  1. Sign off by Board and NC of the Cymru sub committee’s Terms of Reference. Their first meeting is likely to take place virtually in May, followed by a call to action for specific roles within the committee.
  2. One thing we are aware of is that our communications about elements of the ODG work has not always been easily accessible or timely. With the appointment of Chris Stone as CND, the Board asked him to take on the role of membership engagement and with his help we have produced a communications plan for the next twelve month. He is going to work closely with us to make sure we provide regular updates to members and ensure full engagement takes place on papers requiring consultation. file:///Users/BMC/Downloads/ODG%20Communications%20Plan%202020%20-%202021.pdf
  3. Chris has already helped in producing a suite of video updates.
  4. The proposed clubs strategy was promoted and a poll for clubs was utilized to get a sense check. A big ‘Thank you’ to all of you that completed it.
  5. Work on the review of specialist committees has started and Chairs of the committees will shortly be interviewed to gather further information. Review of Specialist Committees and Working Groups Terms of Reference.

Unfortunately much of the Culture, leadership and management work has been put on hold as staff have been furloughed and the need to manage finances through this tricky time has meant that the new Senior Management post has been put on hold until we know more about what is happening going forward.

What's next

Through these challenging times staff and volunteers are continuing to progress the work of the ODG.

Over the next two months further details will be released regarding the proposal for the National Council reconstitution as well as the Terms of Reference for consultation. The Governance workstream will also be releasing further papers on voting procedures and updates to the Articles for the membership to review and provide feedback on.

Following the first meeting of the Cymru Committee a call to the membership for volunteers to join the committee will be published and it is anticipated the appointments will be confirmed by the middle of June.

If you have any comments or questions on any of the ideas or recommendations in the above paper, please let us know at odg@thebmc.co.uk.

Fiona Sanders, ODG Chair

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